Samurai Sudoku Puzzle
1001 Free Samurai Sudokus

Free Samurai Sudoku

Literally thousands of free samurai sudoku puzzles to print out and play! The puzzles are grouped into three levels of difficulty - easy, moderate and hard. Have fun!

1001 Easy Samurai Sudokus

Browse our selection of Easy Samurai Sudoku Puzzles! Great for that quick morning coffee break - when you don't have much time to spare!
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1001 Moderate Samurai Sudokus

Oh yes, that's 1001 free Moderate Samurai Sudoku Puzzles for the seasoned sudoku gamer - great for when you have a bit more time to relax.
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1001 Hard Samurai Sudokus

Still hungry for more?! Try our special selection of Hard Samurai Sudokus for the toughened puzzler - some real mind benders that will keep you busy for hours!
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